Searching For Intimacy

Sex, Drugs, and Insecurities.

Early on the morning of Thanksgiving 2009, a despondent man sat contemplating suicide. God, or an imaginary friend he liked to call God, or a delusional character spawned by his years of drug use, despair, and loneliness, appeared before him.

God told the man he could have a great life if he did three simple things. The man refused, and went to bed thinking of ways to kill himself.

God returned to the man a few days later, and repeated his list of three simple commands. The man asked God to make him willing, and, over the next few weeks, found the path to a better, more enjoyable life.

As I said, God told the man to do three things. You'll have to read the book -- it's free below -- to find out what the first two things were. The third thing God wanted the man to do was tell the world his story.

The time has come for you to hear the story. . .

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Reader Comments

  • A brutally honest tale.
  • Thanks for changing my name in the book.
  • A Christmas Carol for the 12 step set. . .
  • I want my $5 back. Just kidding. Glad I could help you get some coffee.(See page 56.)
  • You should have called the book "Sex, Cocaine and Introspection."
  • You think to much.
  • I can't believe you wrote this story down. To share it with others is worse. Have you no shame?
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